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A Nantucket Summer Senior Shoot

Summer on Nantucket is a wonderful time to take senior portraits. Thankfully, the winds were calm and the sky was just right, Andrea and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect July evening on the west end of the island.

We walked around the fields of Rams Pasture then continued to Dionis beach to catch an incredible sunset that Nantucket is so well known for. Andrea’s beautiful smile and well rounded spirit shines in these images. Enjoy!2015-09-03_0001Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0002Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0003Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0004Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0005Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0006Pin SITE IMAGE________The glow was perfect!2015-09-03_0007Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0008Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0009Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0010Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0011Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0012Pin SITE IMAGE________Love this one!2015-09-03_0013Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0014Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0015Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0016Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0017Pin SITE IMAGE________Another favorite!2015-09-03_0018Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0019Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0020Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0021Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0022Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0023Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0024Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0025Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0027Pin SITE IMAGE________Look at those eyes!2015-09-03_0028Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0029Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0030Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0031Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0032Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0034Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0035Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0036Pin SITE IMAGE________2015-09-03_0037Pin SITE IMAGE________Congratulations on your senior year, Andrea!  I’m so excited to see what the future holds for you!

  • Luisana Idsardi

    Thanks again for the beautiful pictures. I just love to look at them, not only because Andrea is in them but because they bring back summer memories. You really captured everything we love about the island. Can’t wait to go back!ReplyCancel

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